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    Question [moved] who knows the functionality of *_romfile.txt

    I always find a floder call "rom" in some symbian source code and in this floder we can find two files one call "*.iby" and the other called "*_romfiles.txt". I know that the iby file is for building image but I don't know that functionality of that txt file.
    Is there any one knows that?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: who knows the functionality of *_romfile.txt

    Nobody konws?

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    Re: who knows the functionality of *_romfile.txt

    This is a site used by 3rd party developers, which until last week had no access to Symbian's source code. Therefore there are very few (if any) who know that those files are meant to be. The answer should be easier to find at the Symbian Foundation, http://developer.symbian.org

    A core Symbian ROM image can be split into two, ROM and ROFS1. According to this iMaker configuration file ( see USE_ROMFILE ) the romfiles list the binaries which should me moved in the ROM image, while any other generated binaries will placed in the ROFS1
    -- Lucian

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