I don't find any good performance tool for Symbian.

I have written a quite large application using Qt. On the N900, I have used oprofile a bit to improve things and the performance is really awesome.

On Symbian (N97 and 5800), the performance is terrible, it is very slow, even for simple cases. I would like to optimize that, but I cannot find any the tools.

The only thing I could find is the "Performance Investigator" on Carbide. The problem I have is that the result I currently obtain are useless.
The function and binaries are not mapped to their names. The output is like "Function at 0x... not found", "Binary at 0x... not found", etc. The tool also seems a bit limited (no call graph).

1) is there any better tool than the performance investigator of Carbide? Preferably something that allow statistical analysis and call graph (like the tool "Shark" of Apple).
2) if there is not a better tool, how can I get the mapping between name and symbols to work in the performance investigator? I import the profiler data file and the pkgs, and that does not work.