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    Question Can you tell us what Ovi uses to test apps?

    I was wondering what Nokia uses to test the apps in their QA process:

    - is it a physical handset
    - or deviceanywhere
    - or something like device anywhere, but for Nokia's use only.

    Just wondering. My app is out on OVI, some devices accepted, boy was it expensive with deviceanywhere, but not much choice, and it did the job. Could do with Nokia's RDA having some s40 6th edition models.

    As to my app on OVI, some devices have been turned down, including my personal handset, the trusty 5800, which believe it or not, has seen heavy testing, by me of the app, in fact it has been used during the development of the app (each build being put on it to see if it works), so I should have come accross any issues mentioned in the QA report for the 5800, but no.

    Now that makes me wonder how OVI tests the apps. Because I can't figure out why the 5800 should have failed QA, with a problem I just can't reproduce.

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    Re: Can you tell us what Ovi uses to test apps?

    Hi jleplat,

    QA of all apps is done on actual devices by humans.

    You mentioned that your app failed QA for the 5800 XpressMusic. You should have received a QA report with more details about why your app failed. Refer to that email for more info, or take a look at your content file in the publishing tool to see the notes from QA. If you have any questions about what QA said you can use the support options inside publish.ovi.com.

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