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    IP Tel: VoIP Dialer

    Hi All;

    I have N97 and E75 and both of them having SIP settings (I can create SIP profile and put my settings, and I succeeded to register with the SIP server), but there is no IP Tel which is used to do the dialing via SIP.

    How to resolve this? I do not need to use fring and these software, I need something as plugin to the firmware.

    The firmware versions I have are:

    For N97 is: 12.0.024

    For E75 is: 110.48.125

    Any advise?

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    Does this help? Your Nokia N97 firmware version does not have a VoIP/SIP client and you need an update to 20 (or newer). If that is not offered to you, (one way is to) contact your local Nokia Care repair facility.

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