Iam trying to send/Receive audio codec through RTP , I established the sip connection , now I want to send/Receive RTP packet , so I tried this sample code . Exe was crashed on “CreateSessionL “ . please let me what wrong on this, or give the suggestion . I gone through the forums and net also but they given similar code only. (Included rtpservice lib, and CRtpAPI, MAPSObserver )

TInt iErrorNotify = 0;
TUint localPort = 49152;
RSocketServ iSocketServer;
RConnection iSockConnection;

TUint remotePort = iAddress.Port();

TInetAddr addr1;
const TUint32 KInetAddr = INET_ADDR(192,168,1,6);

iRtpSession = CRtpAPI::NewL(*this);

TInetAddr localAddr;

User::LeaveIfError(iSockConnection.Open(iSocketServer, KConnectionTypeDefault));

// Open RTP session
TInt error = iRtpSession->OpenL( iParam, NULL, &iSocketServer,&iSockConnection);
iTimeStamp = 1;

// Create new RTP session
TCreateSessionParams sessionParam = TCreateSessionParams();
sessionParam.iPriority = TCreateSessionParams::EPriorityStandard;

iRtpId = iRtpSession->CreateSessionL( sessionParam, localPort, EFalse, NULL );
//Error on above line

//iRtpId = 1;

// so I assigned iRtpId as 1 and continued , but there no exe crash or any compile error but I cannot receive any packet in “RtpPacketReceived”

Thanks in advanced