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    SIP settings for RingCentral: how do I enter them?

    Hey Nokia,

    I am trying to get my E71 to connect up with my SIP account at RingCentral. I keep getting messages from the phone saying 'registration failed' but it doesn't offer any useful information.

    RingCentral gives me the following information to enter:

    SIP Domain: sip.ringcentral.com:5060
    Outbound Proxy: sip.ringcentral.com:5090
    User Name: XXXXXXXXXXX
    Password: XXXXXXX
    Authorization ID: XXXXXXX

    Are there log files somewhere I can view to get a better idea of what's going on?

    Perhaps I would be so lucky that someone on the forum has experience with RingCentral?

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    Asking this question here again, isn’t a good idea. You should ask your provider. I would not waste my time with a VoIP provider not telling your correct configuration data. One answer: You install a VoIP/SIP client on your computer, configure that one, run Wireshark and track the realm value.

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