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    Camera Example app crashes KE 3

    I am an experienced developer but new to Symbian

    I downloaded and built the Camera Example application using the Camera Wrapper but when I run it in the emulator it crashes in the Camera Wrapper with a KERN-EXEC 3. Every time at exactly the same place.(See below)

    I am using the 3-MR SDK.

    There is a prebuilt "Camera Snap Shot" on the emulator that works fine. I can go through the menu options and take a 640 x 480 picture of the simulated hot air balloon.

    I have no idea what is wrong since I just built the example as is and I don't have the source of the camera wrapper.

    Perhaps if someone has the wrapper source they can give me a clue as to what the problem is.

    I am not sure if it is relevant to the problem but I had a lot of trouble installing the SDK. I found some pointers here on the forum and I had to downgrade my version of Perl to a specific version and insert some empty xml file in the 3-MR SDK installation to get it to install.

    I have also tried installing the camerawrapper_1.10.0_nobackup.sisx but the results are just the same

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Call stack
    20 CCameraEnginePrivate::ConstructL() C:\S60\proj\CameraWrapper\src\cameraengineprivate.cpp:108 0x20641af3
    19 CCameraEnginePrivate::NewL() C:\S60\proj\CameraWrapper\src\cameraengineprivate.cpp:57 0x206419f7
    18 CCameraEngine::NewL() C:\S60\proj\CameraWrapper\src\cameraengine.cpp:32 0x20641041
    17 CCameraWrapperExampleAppView::SizeChanged() C:\Symbian\Carbide\workspace\CameraExample\src\CameraWrapperExampleAppView.cpp:205 0x20621b49

    Emulator output
    52.380 RAknUiServer::ConnectAknServer(), handle 0, CameraExample_0xEF24C10A
    52.380 RAknUiServer::ConnectAknServer() end
    52.385 AKNSKINS: (Error) "CAknsAppSkinInstance::GetLayoutBitmap Srv update failed -1"
    52.400 FontProvider: Category=1, TextPane Height=24; mapped request=20; typeface=Series 60 Sans SemiBold, actual range=22(a,d,exa,exd=16 4 2 0)
    52.400 FontProvider: Category=2, TextPane Height=18; mapped request=15; typeface=Series 60 Sans, actual range=17(a,d,exa,exd=11 4 3 -1)
    52.420 FontProvider: Category=4, TextPane Height=18; mapped request=17; typeface=Series 60 Sans SemiBold, actual range=18(a,d,exa,exd=14 3 1 0)
    52.490 FontProvider: Category=3, TextPane Height=22; mapped request=18; typeface=Series 60 Sans TitleSmBd, actual range=19(a,d,exa,exd=13 5 3 -2)
    52.495 FontProvider: Category=3, TextPane Height=16; mapped request=14; typeface=Series 60 Sans TitleSmBd, actual range=14(a,d,exa,exd=10 4 2 -2)
    52.515 FontProvider: Category=1, TextPane Height=22; mapped request=18; typeface=Series 60 Sans SemiBold, actual range=20(a,d,exa,exd=15 3 1 1)
    52.580 viewbox is defined: 88.0000x87.9990
    52.605 FontProvider: Category=3, TextPane Height=24; mapped request=20; typeface=Series 60 Sans TitleSmBd, actual range=21(a,d,exa,exd=15 5 3 -2)
    52.605 FontProvider: Category=1, TextPane Height=16; mapped request=14; typeface=Series 60 Sans SemiBold, actual range=15(a,d,exa,exd=11 3 1 0)
    52.620 AKNSKINS: (Error) "CAknsAppSkinInstance::GetLayoutBitmap Srv update failed -1"
    52.640 Thread CameraExample::CameraExample Panic KERN-EXEC 3

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    Re: Camera Example app crashes KE 3

    I tried making a new application based on Carbide template, but I still get the same error from the camera wrapper.

    The error occurs when I call CCameraEngine::NewL to create the Wrapper instance

    void CCameraTestAppView::SizeChanged()
        {  // 1st time in iCameraWrapper is NULL
        if (iCameraWrapper)
            // Power off camera if it is on
            delete iCameraWrapper; iCameraWrapper = NULL;
        TInt camErr(KErrNotSupported);
        if(CCameraEngine::CamerasAvailable() > 0)
          TRAP(camErr, iCameraWrapper = CCameraEngine::NewL(0,0,this));
    CCameraTestAppView is derived from MCameraEngineObserver
    class CCameraTestAppView : public CCoeControl, public MCameraEngineObserver

    I notice that the release notes for the Camera Wrapper say it has only been tested for 5th Edition, so perhaps it doesnt work with 3rd Edition

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    Re: Camera Example app crashes KE 3

    My first tries used the emulator, but I have since tried building and debugging on a phone.

    The results are the same, the application crashes in exactly the same place.

      TRAP(camErr, iCameraWrapper = CCameraEngine::NewL(0,0,this));
    The only difference is that the real device reports 1 camera available whereas the emulator reports a large number which looks like an uninitialised value.

    So it seems that the Camera Wrapper only works on certain platforms.

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