I'm programming using J2ME on a series 40 phone, Nokia 3110c, and have to do Voice Activity Detection on recorded voice. In essence, I've to get to the RAW data of the recorded voice file, but J2ME restricts recording only in AMR file format, which involves decoding the file in order to get to the RAW format.

I'm exploring the use of Symbian 40 SDK to write a program in C/C++ that can take the input from the user in RAW (or WAV) format and call this from the J2ME. I'm looking at 2 answers from people who have explored this previously:

1. Is there a function in J2ME that can help me call another C/C++ executable which in turn does the recording?
2. How do you go about writing this symbian based C/C++ code? Are there any links (or examples) that can help me out in this?