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    [moved] recyle bin

    hie all
    is this possible to develop recycle bin in j2me............

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    Yes u can....
    But the stability of that will be up to ur coding strength.

    There is no predifined recycle bin or something in J2ME. But u can create one virtual type of that with some ideas. If u do that, it will be opening for many things that will provide u to develop application related to this.

    You can contact me anytime during its development.

    Vineeth K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amita110486 View Post
    hie all
    is this possible to develop recycle bin in j2me............
    recycle bin is also a type of storage where we can store the garbage or wastes which we are not using generally but still we are storing them. So u have to store the values which are not using or get deleted by user. Storage can be RMS or filesystem as the recycle bin is also permanent storage. Ya u can empty the Recycle bin after a definite interval of time or by users permission.


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