Hi there

I'm trying to set up a VoIP service on Nokia E72 using a private server (miniSipServer) as well as IpTel.org.

With FP1 devices (i.e. E51, E71) this worked well. Now, with the E72, after installation of Sip VoIP settings 3.x, I can connect to the server (this even worked w/o the Sip Voip settings patch) and place calls to FP1 devices (E51, E71) as well as X-Lite and other soft phones.

But if I want to call the E72 from any device, I get an "Address not in use" error message. Looking at the SIP messages, I found that the server INVITEs the E72's client, which replies with a TRYING, followed by a "404 NOT FOUND".

Both devices have all codecs but the G.729 deactivated.

Did anyone have similar trouble?

BR Simon