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    Need advice on selecting an unlocked cell phone

    I am writing software for a researcher in *South Africa* and would like to get advice on selecting an appropriate phone for the study. We are studying migration patterns of people with HIV and we need to supply them with *unlocked* phones and pay as you go plans. It is to cost-prohibitive to give them a 1 or 2 year cell phone contract.

    The phone must support the following:
    1) gps
    2) push notification
    3) internet connectivity for website updates

    We have been looking at the Nokia 5230, it's about $200 US dollars.


    So my questions are the following. Does this phone look like a good candidate for the study? Are there any problems that we might face with this phone? And lastly, is there another phone that you might recommend that might be less expensive while still being able to handle our requirements?


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    Re: Need advice on selecting an unlocked cell phone

    I think the first thing to investigate is whether or not you can achieve what you want with a Java application. Java on mobile phones is subject to a whole bunch of security issues that force many actions to display security prompts to the user. These actions include: accessing GPS, activating the application through a push mechanism, and accessing the internet.

    If Java suits you (and you're sure), then surely there are much cheaper devices that US$200. Nokia devices probably start at around $40. (Edit: ah, but you need GPS. Still... there must be something cheaper.) On the other hand, if you need to develop a native (non-Java) application, you will need a phone in this price range. Most cheaper devices are Java only.


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