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    [moved] Third party signature is required to signed the application

    I am using following API's in my application.

    I am going to deploy my application on device. Can anybody tell me, before that i need to get trusted signature from third party to install the application and accress the application on device.

    so what is the purpose of add the attribute MIDlet-Permissions in the jad file.

    If yes, then please tell me how to do this procedure if we required third party signature.


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    Re: [moved] Third party signature is required to signed the application

    Please refer to the answers and links given to your previous question.

    There is no one simple answer to your question. It depends on what devices you want to deploy your application, what network operators your customers will be using, and what end-user experience you want to achieve.

    On most phones, the APIs you want will work without signing. It is very rare that you need to sign an application.

    I suggest you start with the wiki's beginners' guide to signing.

    Then, there is a more full description on the wiki: Java Security Domain. This tells you some of the differences between devices and operators, and has links to Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Java Verified web sites.

    This page describes the process for signing with a Verisign certificate (the process for signing with Thawte is identical).

    You need to think about:

    1. What manufacturers/models of phone do you want to support?

    2. In what regions will your customers/user be? In particular, will they be in the USA or China?

    3. How does your application work on a device now, and how do you want it to be different?

    MIDlet-Permissions has no purpose in unsigned applications, you should use it only in signed apps.


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