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    Unhappy Reviews on OVI store

    I know there is no way to prevent users from telling lies in the reviews, but sometimes it's a little over the top.
    Right now there is a guy 'reviewing' in one of my published apps stating that he wrote emails to us (which is not true), and also stating that he received mails from our address with offensive content (and bad english, btw), which is also not true (never has been, never will).

    How do we deal with that? Reporting the reviews in OVI store does not show any effect, and of course this kind of 'reviews' scares off other customers. Is there anything we can do 'directly'? I mean, we, as the 'owner' of the product we're selling, should have at least a little bit of moderating control, i.e. having access to the reviewer's email address, answer directly without having to write another 'review' (which could even scare off more customers), report directly to OVI store without going the official way that proves to be of little use...

    The problem starts with people being allowed to review that never even downloaded the product! And with people spamming the reviews with obscenities for whatever reasons. And it continues with people stating more subversive lies. I have even seen reviews stating that they're coming from Nokia officials themselves!

    We know that with lots of customers there come lots of people who abuse you. And you need kind of a thick skin when publishing something world wide. Anyway, as this also should be within Nokia's interests: how can we have a little bit of control about what is being publicly available?


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    Re: Reviews on OVI store

    Gotta say that I have officially nothing to do with OVI, and thus can not say anything official on the service, I'm doing completely other stuff.

    All and all, each comment has the "Report issue" button on the right side, and I have seen that working earlier, so click it, explain the situation and somebody should then have a look into it.

    Anyway, from customer perspective, it would be rather bad, if reviews could be "moderated" by content owners, then there would be other issues on the abuse again. anyway try out the "Report issue" button.

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    Unhappy Re: Reviews on OVI store

    Of course I did try out the 'report issue' link, more than enough, but to no effect - that's what I was trying to say. The reason is that the people reporting issues are on the same level as the people writing reviews, anyone can review or report anything, and so the team the issues get reported to have to deal with as much spam as the review section itself. The issue team cannot even tell an issue reported by the publisher from an issue reported by a customer.

    And also, with 'moderating' I meant was I was saying: I do not want veto rights over what is being published - that would be unfair. But access to the reviewer's mail address for resolving conflicts, an 'answer' possibility like in the amazon marketplace or ebay comments, or a 'report issue' link that's working on a different level than the customer's - I think that would be an improvement.

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    Re: Reviews on OVI store

    Hmph, genuine issue. Sometimes, there are people who give bad reviews to their competitors.

    I believe, restricting the reviewing rights to the persons who have bought the content might help improve the system a bit. But again, its not 100% curable as even the people who bought might give fake bad reviews. May be an approach of casual or approved reviews might help? Some more manpower ovi team might need to put on approving reviews - this way they verify the genuiness of the reviews - cross-verifying - hard task!
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    Re: Reviews on OVI store

    Dear publisher,
    Thanks for posting this concern. We have a team in Nokia monitoring the review/comment field to make sure it's free of swear word or inappropriate language. However, if it's regarding the functionality of a particular application, our company will not step in to clarify things. It will be publisher's responsibility to clarify the issue by posting another comment to the application.

    Regarding the issue of end user directly contact publisher, unless the contact information is posted in the application, Nokia will not reveal the contacting information of publisher to any end user. Same for the other way around.
    Hope it helps.
    OVI publisher support

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    Re: Reviews on OVI store

    As usual: stating the obvious does not help. We KNOW Nokia does not reveal email addresses on either side - the question is: why?

    And the issue I am talking about is neither about inappropriate language nor about functionality - it's about a (probably fake) customer accusing me, the publisher, of insulting him, calling him names, when he asked for support! And this is publicly viewable for everyone else, and if it's true or not (it's not, of course) does not matter anymore. Any answer I could give can only be defensive.

    oviJude states that the only way answering those issues would be creating a user in OVI store and answer through the exact same review section. I did that, of course.

    I was just lucky that my username has not been taken before. But how do I react if someone starts stating that HE is the publisher of my software? And starts calling other people names? No one reading the reviews can tell truth from fake. Why can't publishers at least have pre-created user names which are marked in a way (bold, red, underlined, whatever), so that other users can tell publisher from (fake) reviewer?

    By not handing out my customer's email addresses Nokia forces me to have the discussion publicly, in front of every other customer I might have. By not letting the customers know who is the publisher, everyone can take either side in the 'review war postings', and no innocent customer will ever know the truth. BTW, I think it's very inappropriate having to handle fake customers stating lies in a review section of a certain product - even Nokia should acknowledge this.

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    Re: Reviews on OVI store

    To be honest: this is an open invitation for some astroturfing. As the Ovi client always displays only the last comment in Mobile, I would make it a habit to respond to every comment and giove yourself a three-star rating in the process.
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