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Thread: Save an Image

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    Save an Image

    Ive taken an image with getSnapshot() using the VideoControl object and ive cropped the image. I was wondering is it possible to save this cropped image onto the phone memory as a JPEG so the user can transfer it to their pc or send to other people.

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    Re: Save an Image

    I'm assuming you've cropped the image as an int[] acquire with getRGB()? You would need some way to re-encode that as a JPEG, and there is certainly no built-in means of doing that. You need either to write your own JPEG encoder, or find one someone else has written already.

    One alternative, if you simply want a format you can interchange, this guy has a free PNG encoder. Note that it does not support compression, so the resulting PNGs are very large.


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    Re: Save an Image

    Thanks for the info

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