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    Problem with Nokia 6610

    Two days ago I have got the telephone Nokia 6610. But when I have brought the subscribers in the telephone book and has broken them on groups (Family, Friends, Other etc.) and has nominated for each group the melody of a bell (from the folder Tons), at reception of an incoming bell from any group the display of the telephone remains dark and I can not see from whom the bell is received. If for all groups to choose tone Default, the screen at entering bells becomes active and it is visible from whom the bell has acted. Thus, there is no very important service.
    I called to my friends, which too have this model of the telephone and they have the same problem, though the devices were bought in the different countries!!!! Help me to solve this problem.

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    I think you need to upgrade the firmware to ver 4.74 or above..this was a bug with all the previous releases.

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