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    Unhappy HELP NEADED

    I am trying to develop a J2ME application that can:

    1.Browse and select an image present in the default image gallery of the mobile,
    2.Transmit this image to a server

    my intention is to deploy the application on a Nokia 5300(Series 40 3rd Edition)device or a Nokia 6300(Series 40 3rd Edition) device.

    Both these devices have
    GPRS-----------Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots)
    EDGE-----------Class 10.......................specifications.

    My question is....if this application is developed using Nokia s40 3rd edition sdk in an emulator and port it to the real device is it possible to send the image after converting it to Base64 string in these 2.5G devices as the data transfer rate is low(as per the above specifications)......or should i consider any higher end mobile devices??

    If anybody hav done this kind of application earlier please help


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    OK... information you'll need:

    * Specifications: 5300 XpressMusic and 6300.

    * How to read an image from the gallery.

    Data transmission at EDGE speeds is around 200 kbits/sec, or about 1Mb in a minute.

    Your main problem is likely to be heap size. You won't be able to send a file greater than about half the heap size (2Mb on both of these devices), since the HttpConnection will buffer all the information before transmission.

    Many people have developed this kind of application, and you will find many threads in this forum where people discuss their problems.


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