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    API 1.0, API 2.0, APIBridge, WRT... HELP!

    I have recently started to try development for the S60. I have an E71, so to start, I wanted to make something that works on my phone as a learning excercise

    For the past week I have been reading and downloading stuff, and it just seems endless! For now, I am just trying to develop something very simple, that I can just send to my phone and it will show me my latitude.

    I use Dreamweaver CS4, so I downloaded the WRT kit for Dreamweaver. In this very forum I read about APIBridge, which offers Location functionalities, so I thought I needed it. Soon after downloading and coding something for it (WRT + APIBridge), I read somehwere else that packaging with APIBridge is MUCH more complicated, and I had to download the SDK. However, while downloading the SDK, I read somewhere else that I could actually get Location coordinates from my phone using the API 1.0. So I tried doing that, and it works in the Dreamweaver simulator, but when I load it into my E71, it fails. Then I found out that API 2.0 also offers it, and now I am stuck with errors in the Dreamweaver simulator, I'm getting a "Can't find variable: nokia" error.

    Can someone please explain to me WHY there are all these options and which one I should use if I want to simply show my latitude in my E71? Why do some things work in the simulator and others not? How am I supposed to know what will work and what will not? I download the Location Widget from here: http://library.forum.nokia.com/index...D6B5780A2.html and it doesn't even work on my phone.

    Your help will me MUCH appreciated.


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    Re: API 1.0, API 2.0, APIBridge, WRT... HELP!

    Hello Alex,

    The supported functionality is depended on the WRT version.

    Currently there are couple of WRT versions available:
    WRT 1.0 S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1
    WRT 1.0 or 7.1 S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2
    WRT 1.1 or 7.1 S60 5th Edition
    E71 is S60 3rd ed. FP1 phone and it only supports WRT 1.0. Unfortunately Platform services are not supported until WRT 1.1 onwards.
    You can use our device database to see which phones support for example WRT 1.1 (use fileter).

    The platforms services APIs are yet another story.
    Currently there are only PS 1.0 and PS 2.0 beta available (for WRT 1.1 / 7.1 )
    PS 1.0 is somewhat difficult to use so PS 2.0 beta offers simplified interface to PS 1.0 functionality.
    PS 2.0 beta requires that you will pack the platformservices.js along with your widget.


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