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    Problem with storage scheme in mobile contacts

    I am having Nokia 2626 Mobile which have a problem in saving mobile contacts.

    Suppose if i save a no 9884891492 as "M"

    when i typed 9784891492, it will show "You are calling M"

    This cause lot of problem and costs money.

    Please give the solution for the problem. Looking forward to your reply.

    If you need many more details, I can give with the exact no and the problem that i saw.

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    Re: Problem with storage scheme in mobile contacts

    You are on the wrong web site. Nokia's product support service can be found at http://www.nokia.com/support and you can discuss the issue with other users at http://www.nokia.com/discussion

    The problem is that the software identifies the numbers by their last 7 digits while in your case the change occurs only in the ninth. You may want to search for a 3rd party contacts manager which has a stricter contacts searching rule, it could solve your problem at least partly.

    For better advice see the links above.
    -- Lucian

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