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    Locate User and Determine the location

    Hi everyone

    I need some serious help. I am working on a sms widget where I have to locate the user and send the location out to another party.
    var messageText = "xxx is traveling from YYY";
    1) xxx I need to obtain their phone name
    2) The location they are at YYY

    Below is my sms coding that only able to send out but cannot get the phone name and location they are at. To determine their location is it something to do with reverse geocoding ?

    function smsSending(){

    var criteria = new Object();
    //Setting the type of the message
    criteria.MessageType = "SMS";

    var phoneNumber = document.getElementById("recTxt").value;
    if (phoneNumber != null) {
    //Setting the "To" field of the message, can't be empty
    criteria.To = phoneNumber;
    //else {alert("Phone number is empty"); return;}

    var messageText = "??? is traveling from ???";
    if (messageText != null) {
    //Setting the body text field of the message, can't be empty
    criteria.BodyText = messageText;

    //else {alert("Text is empty");return;}

    try {
    //Send the message asynchronously
    serviceObj.IMessaging.Send(criteria, onSendDone);

    catch(exception) {
    alert("SendSMS error: " + exception);

    // Called when asynchronous message sending has completed
    function onSendDone(transId, eventCode, result) {

    function checkError(error) {
    if (error.ErrorCode != 0) {
    alert("Error in sending message");
    else {
    alert("Message was sent succesfully");

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    Re: Locate User and Determine the location

    Hi ghimyap,

    about getting information about the device, check out these Wiki articles:
    * http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...rmation_in_WRT
    * http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...e_Model_in_WRT

    About the location info, you have to perform geocoding of the device's location. Check out Google's geocoding service: http://code.google.com/apis/maps/doc...ion/geocoding/

    Hope it helps,

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    Re: Locate User and Determine the location

    Hi Pit

    You save me again. Thanks.

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