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    Angry Problem with Flash and Javascript

    First of all, hi everybody

    I'm developing a WRT widget with a flash embedded on it and I need to communicate that flash movie with javascript. I've already read the "communicating with flash lite from javascript" article in the wiki and I'm having some troubles...

    It works fine in my 5800 XM, as expected... but I've tried it in a N95 and it doesn't work... I don't know why but here is the thing:

    I can point the flash movie with JS via myFlas = document.getElementById("myflash"), that's ok on N95 too.
    I can call myFlash.SetVariable("whatever"), but on N95 it doesn't make anything... but it doesn't crash too... I mean: myFlash.SetVariable is NOT null, but nothing happens when I call it.

    Could it be a problem with my flash movie? with flash lite version on N95? Any ideas?

    Many thanks in advance!


    PS: I've posted it in the Flash forum too.

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    Re: Problem with Flash and Javascript

    Hi Ayoze,

    Maybe the flash object that you are using is not support in N95 (flash lite).
    Javier Zambrano Ferreira

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