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    How to read / write XML


    I found some tutorials on the internet about reading xml, but they are 6-7 years old, and use a third party library kXML. Isn't there any way to use the j2me sdk for reading / writting xml ?

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    Re: How to read / write XML

    no you have to use third party library for that as j2me doesnt support XML data

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    Re: How to read / write XML

    Check the JSR 172 which is inclued on a lot of phones.

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    Re: How to read / write XML

    I did not check build-in j2me abilities to work with XML data, but I've used third party libraries and have very good expirience.
    There are several libraries, I've used kXML and XPP. Both are implementing XmlPull interface which are common for SAX parser, so it is easy to chose another one implementation if you need. kXML uses small footprint but works slower than XPP. So it's up to you which one is chose. They are old libraries but not older than XML format, so these libraries doing they best.

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    Re: How to read / write XML

    you have to use third party library to read XML data i.e kxml parser.

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