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    Re: device object missing on N97?

    When I got my C6-01 a few months ago, I found the calendar not usable. My previous S60 phone always showed a screenful of upcoming events on the home screen. The Symbian^3 Calendar has no such function.

    I was about to send the phone back, when I discovered the ComingNext app, which supplies the missing function and makes the calendar usable. So far, so good.

    Now the "missing device object" bug hit me. The suggestion to reset the phone is no option for me. I have two dozen vital apps installed, I have a 32 Giga memory card full of business data, and I am on a foreign business trip for another few weeks. I have no technical means to rebuild the phone, apart from the fact that this would take three days or so.

    Shit, after my IBM-OS/2 disaster 15 years ago, I swore, I'll never invest my time into a dying platform again. But I have obviously done the same mistake again.
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    Re: device object missing on N97?


    Same error here, after one year. It's a brand new Nokia E7 and the thing has not been fixed yet. Come on, Nokia!!! You are making great phones, happy to have one. But THIS should be fixed as soon as possible!


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    Re: device object missing on N97?

    Just been hit with this problem.

    Release Symbian Anna. Software Version 022.014. Software Version date 2011-07-05. Custom version Custom version date 2011-07-21. Language set Product code 059F7J6. Model E7-00. Type RM-626. Latest update Not updated. Browser version 7.3. Flash version 4.0. Java version 2.2.

    Is this enough info to get this sorted? Seems to have been going on for too long now!!

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