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    Question How to debug installation process


    I have such an issue with E66 (3rd fp1). On my N95's (3rd fp1) I can install my application without a problem but on E66, the installation progress is stopped at ~80% with a message, that the installation is not possible.

    I have checked the certificate and the signed package and everything(capabilities) seems to be ok. Is it possible to debug the installation process or log to a log file? I guess there is a specific problem and the installation wizard just says, that it is not possible to install the application:/

    Thank you.

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    Re: How to debug installation process

    AFAIK there is no way on logging the process, anyway, you could maybe try removing stuff line-by-line from the pkg, and then seeing what line is causing the error during the installation process.

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    Re: How to debug installation process

    Thank you Symbianyucca,

    it was dependency problem. E66 did not contain the XML-Binding library.

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