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    Problem for connecting database


    i am developing an application for connecting remote database by using jdbc connection.the problem i am facing here is unable import javax.sql.* .pls help me how to solve this problem.the i have tried below given,

      String url = "jdbc:odbc:CustomerInformation" ;
            String userid ="sreehari";
            String password = "rain" ;
            Connection db;
      try {
                db = DriverManager.getConnection(url,userid,password); 
    here i am getting problem on DriverManager.getConnection statement

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    Re: Problem for connecting database

    Are you attempting this on the phone or the server?

    On the phone: Java MIDP does not support JDBC, so there is no java.sql.* package. Unless you're using Oracle (there is a data access library from Oracle), you'll need to write your own interface, probably using an HttpConnection and some kind of server-side JSP/ASP/etc.

    On the server: in J2SE, DriverManager is in java.sql.*, not javax.sql.*.


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    Re: Problem for connecting database

    j2me does not support any jdbc api or such javax.sql pkg.

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    Re: Problem for connecting database

    For your concept implementation, you've to create a servlet or JSP file which implements a connection with the database in the server. In this case, you'll need to transfer the data only to the web, which's to be saved in DB.

    Vineeth K

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