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    Chinese script Traditional and Simplified Differences

    I am developing an application for Nokia E71 - Nokia S60 3rd Edition SDK. Now the application has support for both text writing and text display though Richtext Editor. The application works fine for Nokia E71 Chinese variant - shows and writes Chinese texts perfectly.

    Now to ascertain that the application won't fail in future anyways, I need to be sure about the Chinese texts.

    Since Nokia E71 does not specifies - which Chinese script is supported - Traditional or Simplified, I need to know - 1. Does that Nokia S60 controls like Richtext editor support both the Chinese scripts and 2. Is there any differences in SDK level or Device level for the support of these two Chinese scripts? 3. Does the Richtext editor need any code - level parameter to specify for the different Chinese Scripts - Traditional or Simplified.

    An insight in this matter will be a great help for me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Chinese script Traditional and Simplified Differences

    Basically the all comes down on the characters included in the fonts, so you could maybe simply check whether the font in the device is having both traditional & simplified chinese characters. One quick way to see some results would be to install application having the characters, for example take the Y-Browser from www.DrJukka.com (self-signed is sufficient for this), install it and onl select traditional chinese, and observe if the menu items are showing, and then uninstall it and try with the simplified.

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