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    Question Regarding .ui files with animations

    Imagine you have a form which contains a number of UI components (graphics, buttons etc).

    These items all start 'off' the screen, and move 'onto' the screen when the form is initialised.

    How is that achieved with QT Creator?

    If you create your form with all those components 'in-place', the 'setup-ui' code will create all those components and they will already be in their 'final' position....

    So... Do you....?
    * Use Creator to draft your 'final' UI, then modify the generated code for your animation?
    * Use Creator to generate all of the components 'off the screen' somehow (use a bigger canvas?), and move them in the code later?

    Related question with regard to layout managers...

    Say I have a toolbar, that I want to start at the 'bottom' of the screen, and move to the 'top'..... Can we still use layout managers with animation, or are you forced to use exact coordinates whenever you want a non-static UI?

    Thanks for any help!


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    Re: Question Regarding .ui files with animations

    You PROBABLY can create the UI with your components in their final locations (or whatever's convenient), then, before you do the show() on the screen you would change the positions of the widgets to off-screen. After the show have timer ticks signal a slot that adjusts the positions of the widgets slowly back to "home" position.

    But if you do this with layout managers present you'll likely have them fighting you -- easier to do without, if you don't mind the fixed layout (and no automatic switching between portrait and landscape).

    (Or maybe there's a way to tell layout managers to "chill out"?)

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