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    Red face Changing a Labels Text

    First of all, Hey all

    new to symbian C++ and stuff. Trying to learn but i am getting really annoyed as im having problems with such a simple thing =/

    ok im using the gui application with UI designer

    i just have a container with a button and a label

    here is the code i have:

    void CKownageContainer::HandleButton1StateChangedL(CCoeControl*,TCoeEvent)
    this code kinda works in the emulator (when i say kinda i mean when you click the button, it does change the label text but it takes ~20 seconds)

    it doesnt work on my phone (when i press the button nothing happens)

    its just confusing me as to why it will work on the emulator and there are no compiler errors so im not sure if im doing something wrong like maybe i should have a function in one of the headers but if this is working on the emulator i thought it should work on my phone

    btw my phone is a nokia 5800 xpressmusic


    EDIT: App is now working on emulator after making it draw
    TInt counta = 0;
    void CKownageContainer::HandleButton1StateChangedL(CCoeControl* , TCoeEvent)
    	TBuf<20> text;
    is this the correct way?
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    Re: Changing a Labels Text

    I'm not sure who would be calling the HandleButton1StateChangedL and try out the CAknButton as explained in: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...-_S60_Touch_UI

    Anyway the label setting should work just like that.

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