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    targetDetected(BigTrouble trouble ;-)

    Hi all,
    I've got problems using UIDReader class (from examples code):

    I dont understand the use of this fundamental method:

    public void targetDetected(TargetProperties[] targetProperties) {
    if (targetProperties.length == 0) { // in case no targets found, exit the method

    TargetProperties tmp = targetProperties[0]; // show the UID of the first tag found
    displayAlert("UID read: " + tmp.getUid(), AlertType.INFO);

    When I call the method in a operating midlet I cannot pass to the method the argument requested: TargetProperties[] targetProperties...

    Maybe I don't need to pass any argument...(the platform does it for me).

    Could anyone explain this to me ?

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    Re: targetDetected(BigTrouble trouble ;-)

    hello, please look at
    Targetdetected is a callback. You aren't suppose to call it, it's called when a tag is close enough.
    Best wishes,

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