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    Where to set application name?

    I have changed one of the demo applications and now I'am trying to install it on the device (Nokia 5800). Qt is installed on the phone and so the demo-applications are already installed, too.

    When I install my changed demo application I get the message that it already is installed, if I say "overwrite" that operation fails. So my question is: how can I prevent the device from recognizing the application is already installed and install my app in addition to the previous one.

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    Re: Where to set application name?


    Qt demos are installed as a sis package that contains all files for the demo applications - it is not possible to update a single demo app separately afterwards. Typically, it would make sense to have a 'parent' sis package that embeds several application sis files, because that would make updating those invidual applications possible. But this was not done for Qt demos because the installation is meant to be as easy and straightforward as possible - embedding would cause additional dialog prompts for each app in the demo package.

    You can install a new version of a single demo app by rebuilding it with different UID3, name (TARGET), and different names for all other files deployed to the device to avoid conflicts during installation.

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