I am rediscovering J2ME development after 2-3 years of other development, and while Nokia used to be one of the leaders in this area I must say I'm shocked at how their tools seem to have been stuck in a time warp.

The first problem is not having proper support for Windows Vista, never mind Windows 7, and particularly for 64bit versions of these platforms. Windows XP is now a seriously outdated platform, and developers lose out not being able to make use of the power and convenience of newer systems. We ended up reinstalling XP on an old dev machine and remoting to it, but while this gets the job done, it is obviously far from ideal.
Secondly, the SDKs themselves require the 1.4.2 version of Sun's JRE, a version so old it's in the archive section of the downloads site. Surely the change to allow for new JRE versions is small enough to warrant recompiling and re-releasing these tools?

If I compare this to the great experience with Apple's dev tools (yes I understand they don't have to deal with as much device fragmentation) it's hard to believe Nokia actually cares about devs developing decent software for their devices.

If I'm completely off-kilter here because I'm trying to use the old tools I used before (Netbeans+Mobility with device emulators) please by all means correct me and point me in the right direction.