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    S60 Voip Audio Service Examples?


    I'm looking for a (working?) example app that uses the Voip Audio Service APIs (CVoIPAudioDownlinkStream etc...)

    This page
    claims there is example code "Provided with the API package." But I can't find it.

    I'm looking in the "S60 5th Edition Extension plugins" package, available here (http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...60_3rd_ed.html)

    Thanks for any guidance.

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    Re: S60 Voip Audio Service Examples?

    S60 5th edition plugin pack comes with an installer which will directly copy the headers and libraries in the Epoc32 folder of your SDK.

    You can download S60 3rd FP2 plugin pack, which contains all the APIs in .zip files with some examples within. There you will find example of VoIPAudioServiceAPI.
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