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    Sending location data to Ovi Maps application

    I am developing the application which collect the location data (longitude and latitude) when certain events happen. What I want to do is to send the collected location data to application which uses OVI Map SDK application (which I think suppose to be web app according to the available API) and OVI Map application can show the location data visually with the PIN and Info bubble. Then to be able to return from that application back to the main one.

    Is that possible as I did not find the way so far to pass the location data to application based on OVI Map SDK.
    Dejan Medic

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    Re: Sending location data to Ovi Maps application

    Ovi Map SDK or what ever it is called is currently in closed beta phase, thus no public information for its interworkings are available. Check the beta program and contact Nokia through it to gain access to the API and any available information from it.

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