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    How do use my own Class in a plugin interface


    I would like to write a plugin interface which uses non standard Qt class like QString or what ever but my own class. Here is what I would like to do:


    namespace MyPlugin
        class MyClass : public QObject
                MyClass(int id, QString string) {
                   this->id = id;
                   this->string = string;
                int id;
                QString string;
        //Plugin interface
        class MyPluginInterface : public QObject
     	virtual ~MyPluginInterface() = 0;
            // I don't want to write something like
            //virtual int getSomeId() = 0;
            //virtual QString getSomeString() = 0;
            //From a plugin, but just
            virtual MyClass getMyClass() = 0;
            // With MyClass already created in a plugin
    Is it doable ?


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    Re: How do use my own Class in a plugin interface

    Two things:
    1. Using get in a name of getter is against Qt naming policy. It's very different from Gtk2.
    2. You are supposed to expose only interface of your plugin, not it's class implementation.

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