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    Application in closed when it's not used


    I've developed a WRT widget which checks every X minutes the GPS of my 5800 Xpress Music Mobile. It seems to work, but when I minimize it or not and I left the mobile alone for several minutes (so it gets blocked) when I come back the application isn't opened (about 30 minutes later). It happens when the mobile is inside home and it cannot see the satellites, but it shouldn't close because it cannot calculate the position. I think the problem may be come because there is any user using the application for a long time. Is there any issue on this device which closes applications which are not used for a long time?


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    Re: Application in closed when it's not used

    Hi jesfalso,

    Have you tested this on your phone with the widget (same or another one), when
    it does not use the GPS and polling by X minutes intervals?

    I was thinking how you handle errors in your code, and how did you implement the
    location poll. Maybe you could share some of that code, e-mail or board?

    Just trying to pinpoint the source for that issue, as you basically should be able
    to return to a minimized application even after for a long while.

    Btw. What is the firmware you have, latest?

    Best regards,
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    Re: Application in closed when it's not used

    Hi jesfalso,

    a possibly similar issue was related to Accelerometer sensors (http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=182151), and was solved by latest 5800 firmware release: could you try checking if you already have the latest one, or update and see what happens?


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