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    Question SWT ListBox with SWT TimedMessageBox problem

    hy sir

    i get strange problem with device only, and i not get this error in the Nokia N97 Emulator
    i have using eswt api. i have use swt ListBox for application, and i have use its selectionlistner event,
    when i testing my application in Nokia N97 device i get crashing issue with this case only

    step by step
    case:when i click swt ListBox item for opening new shell at that time i have putting code to show eswt TimedMessageBox( please wait)

    when that eswt TimedMessageBox is display , i suddenly change the screen mode in device (such as changing Landscape to portrait view)

    my application goes to crash

    i know that problem with swt TimedMessageBox ,

    if i remove TimedMessageBox then application is not crash, but TimedMessageBox is necessary for my application,

    please give me solution ,sir

    i really need solution ,

    my code is below

    public void widgetDefaultSelected(SelectionEvent se) {
    if(se.widget.equals(listBox)) {
    int f=listBox.getFocusIndex();
    chapterPos= Integer.parseInt(String.valueOf(chapos.elementAt(f)));
    subchapterPos =Integer.parseInt(String.valueOf(subchpos.elementAt(f)));
    chapterName = String.valueOf(chapname.elementAt(f));
    // here i calling new class constructor for opening new shell
    new DescriptionShell(this.midlet,chapterPos,subchapterPos, chapterName, subchapterName,null,this,null,3);
    //it is creating problem
    showDialog("Please Wait!", SWT.ICON_INFORMATION);


    private void showDialog(String msg, int icon) {
    TimedMessageBox messageBox = new TimedMessageBox(currentShell, icon);


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    Re: SWT ListBox with SWT TimedMessageBox problem

    Have you tried the example code provided when you asked this question the first time? ( http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=191919) Is that working for you? If it does then it is probable that something inside DescriptionShell code is the real cause.

    If the example code is not working for you then please post the software version of your N97

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