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    Which is faster / better ?


    I was wondering, let's say we have a complex menu, something like:
    main menu - menu1, menu2, menu3, menu4
    menu1 - menu11, menu12, menu1,3
    menu2 - menu21, menu22, menu2,3
    Which of the following options is faster:

    1. Having multiple Canvas objects (one for each menu) and switch between them using setCurrent()
    2. Having one Canvas and repaint it each time the menu changes

    I'm talking about 10-20 menus here


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    Re: Which is faster / better ?

    "Better" is a matter of opinion.

    I can tell you that using multiple Canvases is likely to be slower, and on some devices you might see occasional "glitches" as you switch from one to another. Games are generally written to use a single Canvas, as it gives the fastest and smoothest appearance. But it's not necessarily a very "object oriented" approach.

    That said, you can make it completely OO, in the way that LWUIT does. It uses a single Canvas, always displayed, and delegates the paint() event to other objects as needed. So, you end up with something like:

    public interface Paintable {
        public void paint(Graphics g);
    public class AlwaysDisplayed extends Canvas {
        private Paintable current;
        public void setCurrent(Paintable p) {
            current = p;
        protected void paint(Graphics g) {
            if (current != null) {
                // delegate event
            } else {
                // some default behaviour (like, paint a loading screen)
    You can delegate other events in the same way.


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