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    Question Help: Creating TABs in Symbian J2ME application

    Dear Sir,

    I am a J2ME learner, just started.
    I have done some small basic application.

    I am using Netbeans Mobility + Symbian S60 SDK + Java platform.
    I own a Nokia E63 Symbian S60 mobile and love to run my app in my mobile.

    I was browsing website and found this page which uses cool Tabs in application -

    But, I couldn't understand what to do ? how to do ? where to get the controls ? etc.
    There is no sample code also.

    I don't think we need any extra library or plug-in kind.... because there are some small basic applications (Massage Box, Clock, Wap Settings) come pre-loaded with my mobile that uses tabs exactly as it looks in this url.

    Can you please guide me a little..... it will be very very helpful.

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    Re: Help: Creating TABs in Symbian J2ME application

    Those pre-installed applications are native Symbian applications, they are not Java. In Java, you are limited to which user interface elements are provided by the Java API. These are the classes in the package javax.microedition.lcdui. There are no tabs provided by this.

    Using the Canvas component, you can create pretty much any UI you want, but it will involve a lot of effort.

    There are several UI libraries available, such as LWUIT. I don't use these, so I can't tell you if any contain support for tabs.


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