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    No bitmap tab in properties view

    I resently download the carbide ui theme edition, and i'm trying to make a theme for my nokia 5530 XpressMusic but i can´t understand the carbide pretty well, so i started to make the tutorials inculded, my problem is, that in the first tutorial it ask me to select an icon and in the properties view go to the bitmap tab, but in my properties view it dosen't exist a bitmap tab. i have read the help already and it doesn't tell how to open or enable the bitmaptab, also i try selecting diferent things but there's no tab. here is the image of my properties view whit an icon selected:

    please help!..

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    Re: No bitmap tab in properties view


    you are using Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.4 with S60 5th Edition plug in. Here you can not find Bitmap tap in the properties view.

    Please upgrade to Carbide ui 2.0 Theme edition.

    After installing, go to ICONS --> Context pane Icons then select any icon in from the component view. Here you can find Bitmap tab, where user can we can Colorize and Optimize the quality.


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