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    Unhappy Cannot asign value


    I have stumbled upon a very strange problem.
    I have created a J2ME Midlet (MIDP2.0 CLDC1.1).
    In this midlet I have a Vector containing some objects.

    The objects are simple like:
    class A{
       private in a;
       public void setA(int a){
          this.a = a;
       public int getA(){
          return a;
    I can retrieve the objects from the vector and read the values on these objects.
    But when I try to set a value on the object, the application sort of hangs...
    It does not return from this method, neither is the value set.

    Has anybody ever had this problem? And did you find a solution?

    PS: on my emulator everything works fine, but it does not work on the phone.
    PS: the value is set in the keyPressed() method of a canvas.

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    Re: Cannot asign value

    What device?

    If you make the code as simple as you have it here, do you still have the problem?

    Does the actual code have any arithmetic, object access, or synchronization?

    I notice you've omitted from the code, the class cast on the result from elementAt(), which I presume is deliberately to keep things simple, yes? Or are you using your own Vector class?

    I have never seen such a problem with Vectors.


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