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    piracy of j2me apps and how to stop it


    this message goes to ovi representetive but the community can make comments as well as long as we stick to topic.

    a couple of days ago i saw in the device chart in my report section "unresolved" now we all know what that means...
    yep a user has stolen your hard worked on app/game and is spreading it on warez/cracks sites all over (the next day i found it on a couple of file shares sites and mobile warez websites).
    i know ovi let users download apps/games even via webbrowser for paid users that have bought the app/game and want to "back it up" right... well i dont want for my app to be downloaded if the devices is "unknown" "unresolved" i dont care what you say i know for what purpose it ends up, if ever a user that actually bought my app/game reset his phone or need reinstall ill be gladly give him that to his own phone but not his HD.
    my apps/games are j2me based and we know that ovi offers 0 protection for anti-piracy in that matter (at least for symbian there is drm-0 which from what i understands is almost worthless) its not all ovi's fault obviously for j2me its almost imposible to make it piracy-free unless u have access to read IMEI/phone number and have generated the build according to it or somthing similar. but ovi doesnt support license key retrival on download or have their own license key generator.
    ok so at least lets not make those crackers an easy life and let them download our apps/games via browser.

    my points are this... (ye i dont just complain i wanna raise potential answers as well)
    A. go after those piracy/mobile warez sites i can give you a mile long list of them (i wont post it here) most of the publishers are too small to do anything such as a lawsuite vs one of those sites that openly publish our apps on their forum. but nokia is BIG and has big legal department as well and i think you can actually collaborate with other vendors in this matter (like you have with symbian create a partnership with SE,Motoroa,LG, Samsung etc) at least 2 of those vendors have their own app stores and would like to be a part of it. those piracy sites hurts you as much as they hurt us.
    since nokia's and those other vendors phones are "open" i.e. dont have to hack the phone to install software from any other sources (like iphone) the end user has a much simpler life piracy programs and the temptation itself is ALOT bigger
    cause when he "hacks" his iphone at least he loses his warrenty here the end user install his app allmost the same way he would if he had bought it.

    B. ovi should start looking into blocking download of apps from web browser (any handset that isnt identified by nokia) i know that http headers can be fake and hackers can fool the system but at least it wont be so easy.
    also let the publishers some kind of a uniqe way to identified legal downloads (a good way for instance to secure j2me apps would be for ovi to insert a jad property for the jad prior to download "on the fly" with a uniqe value and save it to a database or sending it to the publisher this value can then be checked via some kind of web api of ovi or the publisher and verify that this version is legal and once this uniqe number is verified a parameter is generated and saved localy on the phone RMS and the uniqe value will result in a "false" response from the web api from now on, such a thing will prevernt simple spread of apps by just copying them since only the first original downloader could use the app)
    since this is just a simple uniqe number and not phone number or imei ovi doesnt share any secret knowledge about the users to the publishers.

    this thread is approved by Nokia.Ron
    please DO NOT go off topic
    and hopefully nokia ovi personal can respond here and their thoughts on my suggestions of how to help developers prevent piracy.

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    Re: piracy of j2me apps and how to stop it

    Thanks for re-opening this thread, lets keep it on topic this time.


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    Re: piracy of j2me apps and how to stop it

    OK, mea culpa for going OT last time.

    ad a) This IMHO is pointless. They are hosted in banana republics most of the time - if the court of Monte Waggaduggu even has a provision for piracy, then good luck enforcing it. IMHO, we can't go after the sites - this is like fighting an ant invasion in your house by stepping on ants if you see them.

    The only way we can really do something is by preventing users from running pirated stuff. Tapwave had some really good things there on its Zodiac platform...
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