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    recording in WAV


    I am a newbie and require some help. I am developing an application for Nokia 3110c phone and in general for s40. I am coding in J2ME. I want to record in wav format in Nokia 3110c. But it's default recorder is in AMR only. Is there any solution for this??

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: recording in WAV

    Ok! Well I was expecting at least one reply here....but got none so far.

    If this is not possible to record directly in wav format in Nokia 3110c then are there any methods for converting the AMR recorded audio in the phone to wav format??

    Any help here will be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: recording in WAV

    Hello chiragjain1989,

    you could use some external tool for converting the formats. Searching from the Web provides several options.

    [URL="http://library.forum.nokia.com/java"][B] >>> Java Developer's Library <<<[/B][/URL]
    [URL="https://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Support/Technical_support.xhtml"] [B]>>> Technical Support for Java ME development <<<[/B][/URL]
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