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    Getting a Form selected item

    Hey guys,

    I have this MIDlet with a few in editable text fields in it. I also have a custom List object I made that allows the user to select an item from it.
    When I run the MIDlet, the user can select (or highlight) all the text fields by using the arrow keys. I want that when the user will press OK, I'll know what textfield is currently selected so as to know which list I need to display. Something like form.getSelectedItem(). How can I do this? Can you think of a better design to this issue?


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    Re: Getting a Form selected item

    You could attach the "OK" Command to the Items instead of the Form. When the Command is selected, the ItemCommandListener will be told which Item was selected. (You can attach the same Command to more than one Item.)

    Does that help?


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