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    J2me library help


    I have used j2me library from sun wireless toolkit and comfortable with it. But the major shortcoming of this is that the UI is not professional looking. So I searched on this formum and found info on other libraries here .


    Which one would you recommend for professional looking UIs ~(with good graphics and animations) and also that works on most phones. I see that some support midp 2.0 only. Are most phones in use today are midp 2.0 compatible? (percentage approx?)


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    Re: J2me library help

    The most popular is probably LWUIT.

    You might be interested to read this discussion of UI libraries.

    Pretty much all phones manufactured in the last four or five years are MIDP-2.0. There are obviously still some MIDP-1.0 handsets out there, I would say around 2% of handsets currently in use, if that. From a commercial point of view, supporting MIDP-1.0 handsets is more expensive than you're likely to make in revenue.


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