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    Unhappy Slow start time of application

    I have a camera based application. The app starts fine on N82. However, on 5800, the application takes > 15 seconds to start.

    I am not doing any bitmap operations at application start time. Can someone suggest what could be the reasons behind this (why works fine on N82 but takes so long on 5800)?

    Can it be:

    1) Camera initialization?
    2) Certificate problem?

    I have gone through http://developer.symbian.org/main/do...p_startup.html
    and think have followed the instructions there.

    Please note that I do not have 5800 device for testing. (Perhaps the information I have provided is not enough, if someone has any ideas, please let me know which portions of code snippet I should post to give you better idea).

    Thanks & Regards,
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