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    Selecting a DB Engine

    Hey guys,

    I'm currently developing an application for a S40 device. The application needs to be able to work with a DB. I was wondering which DB engine is the most recommended for this platform?
    Other than that, my local DB needs to be updated and synced with a remote DB running on a PC server. How is that possible?


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    Re: Selecting a DB Engine

    You might want to read this thread.

    There is nothing that I would really describe as a "database engine" on Series 40. Realistically, you will be using RMS to store information. There are libraries that sit on top of the RMS API (some of which are referenced in the thread I linked to above). There will be no automatic "synchronization", you will have to figure out a way to exchange information between the PC and the phone, either by HTTP (over the internet) or bluetooth.


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