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    Which kind of Database Works in both mobile and PC?

    I want to build a j2me application Whitch include Database.
    For Example In application , I have Some of Custmers name and their information ,
    I want to build this database and use it in j2me application by download it from web(for updating).
    Question is : Which kind of Database Works in both mobile and Pc,How can I use it in j2me?.
    please Help me.

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    Re: Which kind of Database Works in both mobile and PC?

    What device are you planning to use?

    As a rule, there is no answer to your question, because there is no such "database". Read this article for information about storing data in Java ME.

    For downloading the information from the server, you will need to use an HttpConnection, to connect to some kind of servlet/ASP/script on the webserver that will connect to the server's database and send you the data.


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    Thumbs up Re: Which kind of Database Works in both mobile and PC?

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Developer Boards,the best forum.

    Grahm gave a better link to have the idea to save the data on the handhanled devices,yeah eitehr this is the file system of the device, or it can be the recrod store.For the more information about the two you can search the web and you will get the proper docs and code samples.

    Aprt from the this, you want to update the database on the device by reading the same from the server. For that you can do one thing just read the data from server and then update the data available in database.How to update and any more queries can be answered by you only if you will do some research over the same on the web.
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