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    Security problem using "Camera Engine API" in DLL


    I am using the Camera Engine API (the API plug-in) to capture images in my application. I have run successfully the "CCaeEx" example in some FP1 devices, and now I am trying to encapsulate part of its code in a DLL, so the main app can use the camera with calls to this DLL.

    But I cannot get it to work: when the code is to execute the following line:

    iCaeEngine = CCaeEngine::NewL();

    it throws the following message: "Unable to execute file for Security Reasons". It works well in the example but, for some reason, it does not work when inside the DLL. I have checked that both the main project and the DLL project have the "UserEnvironment" capability, which is needed to use the camera.

    Any ideas why this is happening...?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Security problem using "Camera Engine API" in DLL

    Ups... my fault.

    The problem was the capability. It was set in the mmp file, but I guess I had to "clean" the project before; for some reason it was not seeing the changes. Now it works correctly.

    Sorry for the "dummy" post

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