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Thread: Video playing

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    Unhappy Video playing


    I have a widget in which I need to show video. I know how to launch RealPlayer from within the widget and

    The video files are available on the internet on a video service, encoded on several formats. FLV, MP4 for the iPhone and 3GP (via rtsp).

    Launching the video in iPhone format RP stops at the main menu. Opening the file with the web browser, it downloads the file and only the sound works. Using the 3GP version works but quality is very low and has serious issues with the active connection (does through the Access Point defined in the RP, not the one active in the widget).

    Can someone give me some pointers?

    Would FLV video work? Does someone know a Flash lite FLV player I can use?

    Is there other player on the device I can use to show the video instead of RealPlayer?

    Please help. I'm going nuts.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Video playing

    If the video is in FLV, you can show inside your widget. But other formats, you should open realmedia. If you wanna a generic solution, just call widget.openURL(urlvideo); The browser will execute the correct form.
    Javier Zambrano Ferreira

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    Re: Video playing

    Thanks for this reply, but openURL is not the solution.

    It will open the browser and then open the video, but it will leave the user on a empty browser page when returning from the video player.

    Yes, it works, but it's not an elegant solution.

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    Re: Video playing

    You seem to be having the same problem as "Embed Flash Lite within a WRT widget?".

    In other words, the S60 is a single-tasking system (like MS-DOS). You can run one foreground application. Anything else runs in the background. So you can't have the S60 browser and a Video/Flash player running at the same time. Either you display a pure HTML/Javascript page in the S60 browser, or a video or Flash file in a video/flash player.

    But launching a video or Flash file from the browser isn't going to work too well. Either the browser or the video/flash player is going to have to cripple itself or shut down.

    Though it might work if the launched video/flash file is the entire application. There is no HTML page with links and buttons etc for the user to use. So the fact that the browser is dead isn't obvious to the user.

    That's my understanding of what's going on at least.

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