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    j2me code in symbian

    Hi All
    I write code in java (j2me).
    what can i do to run it in symbian?
    please give me more information because i'm new in symbian .

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    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Developer Baords!!!!!
    You can find out that whther C++ supports the Native Interfaces,if yes then you can use the native code in symbian C++. For more information you should ask the same issue on symbain forums.
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    Re: j2me code in symbian

    Quote Originally Posted by elkourd View Post
    I write code in java (j2me).
    what can i do to run it in symbian?
    Same as any other phone... you build a JAD and JAR, and install them on the device. Running a Java application on Symbian is no different than running Java on any other phone.


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