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    Screen size and softKeys menu

    Hey !

    I try to find the window resolution for mobiles which are in 240x320 res and 320x240 res.

    I only have a n97 to test it, and it is 360x640 px.
    When i'm in portrait mode with softKeysMenu open, window height is 579px, an din landscape mode, window width is 502px.
    So my resolution comes to : 360x579 in protrait mode and 502x360 in landscape.

    Can someone give me this informatoin for the 2 others resolution (240x320 and 320x240)?

    Here is a snippet if you need to test :
    alert(' sw=' + screen.width 
    				+ ' sh=' + screen.height
    				+ ' ww=' + window.innerWidth
    				+ ' wh=' + window.innerHeight);

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    Re: Screen size and softKeys menu


    5th edition sdk emulator gives 235x273 for 240x320 and 315x198 for 320x240. I don't know if the emulator gives the same values as the actual device but here they are anyway...

    Markku R

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